Learn to make the finger foods enjoyed in Tuscan bars after work and before dinner - a much more elegant happy hour. Makes a great cocktatil party menu.


Tuscany’s most well-known dishes - Learn 5 simple, hearty, and well-loved recipes from the heart of Tuscany. This is the food all Tuscans grew up eating.


Tuscan mamas have been making the hand-rolled pasta known as pici for ages. Roll up your sleeves and learn how flour, water and olive oil come together and make 2 delicious accompanying sugos.



Eat Like Athena strives to re-connect people with food by simplifying the process of turning raw ingredients into healthful and delicious meals. Learn to cook real food that's good for you while having fun and learning about other cultures. Letting ancient Mediterranean cultures inspire us we’ll celebrate the origins of food, and learn how to incorporate traditional, healthy, whole foods into our busy lives. Cooking classes focus on Tuscan and Provençal cuisines which are rich in vegetables, olive oil, beans, and grains, and steeped in cultural history.

Learn how the locals in these regions eat, and about seasonality and lifestyle factors that make the people of the Mediterranean some of the healthiest and happiest in the world.

In addition to what you learn in class, you can get more tips and recipes for cooking healthy Mediterranean food at home along with inspiring travel photography and various bits and bobs about the Mediterranean diet and way of life on the blog.

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